We are practical

Our design services offer a simple, sustainable and client-based approach to each and every project. One of our senior directors will be there to guide you from start to finish, to ensure that we are always on the same page; listening to your ideas, solving design challenges and remaining faithful to your brief and budget.

We believe a collaborative approach with our contracting partners and industry specialists is essential to gain a true understanding of how the building will work for today and for tomorrow, how it will adapt to its environment and how it will perform within its community.

These processes ensure that the final design is a considered and creative reflection of your individual brief rather than a, ‘one size fits all,’ methodology.

Our design team are confident in their experience and will always strike the perfect balance between the commercial, the quality and the aesthetics. We have a proven track record, working with individuals, large organisations, developers, contractors, planning consultants, local authorities, financial institutions, commercial and residential agents.



For us, social value is not about ticking a box, it’s about delivering our best consistently, on our own terms. 


We know that learning is important but we also recognise that the university route isn’t right for everyone. 

We work with local authorities and colleges to seek out young people who are keen to work and learn simultaneously.

Our annual (or bi-annual) apprenticeship programme provides an opportunity to enter the architecture profession, gain industry experience and build confidence in the workplace. Each apprentice is treated like a permanent member of the team from day one and they are fully supported throughout the qualification process.

Our founder was an apprentice, and he says the programmes work!


We’ve formed multiple charity partnerships since our inception in 2012 and we consider each one to be an honour.

Our goal is to understand the story, aims and objectives of each charity so that we can positively impact their specific cause and improve our team’s awareness of the issues in today’s society. We also ensure that the partnership adds to our team training, to provide tangible benefits to the work that we do.

We don’t just donate money, we provide our time and open our minds.


We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our organisation, but above all else, we value aptitude and ability in our employees.

By working and studying all over the world, our team has gained a thorough appreciation of different cultures and several religions; and we understand the value of working in an inclusive environment that places value on difference.

We don’t just design differently. We are different, because different is awe-inspiring.


Recognising the environmental impact that our activities and practices can have is a core element of our attitude and our approach to design.

We always strive to investigate the environmental issues associated with our proposed developments and focus on low energy design to protect and enhance the environment.

We are committed to best practice and we regularly review the latest guidance and case study reports on environmental issues to inform our decisions.

The practice has an active interest and involvement with new technology, and the team is encouraged to attend as many external CPD seminars and lectures as possible.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.