Blackwood Road


Heaton Group Developments


Residential (General Needs Housing and Affordable Housing)




RIBA Stage 4
(Technical Design)


We were appointed to design a new residential development together with access, associated infrastructure and landscaping. The housing scheme was to provide a variety of dwellings, from one-bedroom two-person bungalows up to four-bedroom eight-person houses.

Challenges + Solutions

From the outset, we were keen to enhance the environmental quality of the existing site, as well as fostering a strong sense of community. Located within a rural setting, the site is a former quarry site extending to an area of approximately 1.2Ha with a history of various uses, including a former brick works, railway siding, tram siding and scrap yard.

Taking advantage of its attributes, our proposals for a new residential development took account of site constraints including a need to mitigate against the impact upon the belt of dense, mature woodland to the west, east and southern boundaries, alongside consideration of any adverse impacts upon ecology and biodiversity, particularly in relation to nesting birds and roosting bats.

Full planning approval was secured and the approved scheme includes for the demolition of a vacant four-bedroom 2 storey detached dwelling and the construction of 41 new dwellings of varying types providing much-needed high-quality housing in the area, with a significant proportion of affordable housing provision. The new dwellings are supported by a total of 72 car parking spaces, communal amenity space, new tree planting, landscaping and private rear gardens.

The concept allows for accessible and attractive public open space as a centrepiece to encourage interaction and promote community spirit and this new, sustainable development seeks to enhance the vitality and vibrancy of the borough. The external appearance and material palette were informed by the local vernacular in line with the Local Planning Authority requirements.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.