St Simon Street




Residential | Retail




RIBA Stage 3
(Spatial Coordination)


We were appointed by Portergate to develop proposals for a residential development over surface level car parking, a convenience store and a café/eatery, for which we secured full planning.

Challenges + Solutions

Always keen to see the bigger picture, our approach considered Salford’s position as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world for its size, and also recognised an increase in demand for family living within affordable, managed apartment accommodation.

The planning committee acknowledged the creation of a landmark residential development, the proposal taking into consideration the surrounding built form and architectural style.

The accommodation from first floor level skirted a landscaped courtyard providing communal amenity space for future residents, and the retail and food retail use provided a local community benefit for current and future residents and visitors of the proposed development.

A visually dominant riverside elevation included facing brickwork with punched openings demonstrating a regular window pattern and rhythm. These, combined with feature balconies, metal sheet cladding and large expanses of glazing, helped to provide a riverside aesthetic. The overall mass of the building was broken vertically and horizontally via the use of recesses in building line, with the visual mass of the building further reduced by the introduction of highly glazed upper floors within the three-bedroom duplex accommodation.

The design and material selection helps to create depth to the facade, providing articulation and a feeling of quality.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.

© Copyright Studio KMA Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Company Number 7650418. VAT Number 198 0974 52.